Life in China

How can I communicate with others with little Chinese language knowledge?

Many citizens in Beijing, even the elders, can speak basic English. If you have some questions, please feel free to ask others for help in English. They will be happy to give you a hand.

Try to slow down your speech in communication. And you can also use body language to make your expressions clear.


How can I exchange money near PKU?

There is a China Bank just outside the south-west gate, where you can exchange money. But it’s recommended to exchange enough money in your own country, for it’s generally cheaper. 

On arrival, you can exchange a small amount of money at the airport for emergency usage.


The banks that can be found on PKU campus:

- Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (中国工商银行)

Service Phone Number: 95588


- Agricultural Bank of China (中国农业银行)

Service Phone Number: 95599



The banks that are located nearby:

- Bank of China (中国银行)

One minute walking distance from the South West Gate of Peking University.

Service Phone Number: 95566


- Bank of Beijing (北京银行)

2 minutes walking distance from the East Gate of Peking University.

Service Phone Number: 96169


- China Construction Bank (中国建设银行)

2 minutes walking distance from the South East Gate of Peking University

Service Phone Number: 95533


Public Transportation

Buses: Bus Service is the cheapest means of public transportation in Beijing. It can be as cheap as 2 yuan per ride. But due to the frequent traffic jams in Beijing, we DO NOT recommend bus service for a long journey. 

Subway: There is one subway station at the East Gate of Peking University, which is on the Subway Line 4. Subway is the most convenient public transportation in Beijing. 

Taxis: The starting fare of taxis in Beijing is 13 RMB within 3 kilometers. The regular taxi meter-rate is 2.30 RMB/ kilometer. 

From Beijing Capital International Airport to PKU Campus, you can take:

1. Taxis: It may cost about 120 RMB, and please remember to ask for receipt.

2. Subway: First you should take the Airport Express from airport to Sanyuanqiao station, which costs 25 RMB. Then, change to Subway Line 10 to Haidian Huangzhuang station and change to Line 4 to the East Gate of Peking University.


Medical Insurance

All Globex International Students must be medically insured throughout their entire period of study. The health plan purchased by the students must at least provide medical coverage for Accidental Injuries and Hospitalization.

All Globex International Students must purchase their own insurance before the program. Please inquire from your insurance company the details regarding the insurance claim procedures and the phone number of your insurance’s emergency call center.

All students who purchased their insurance from a foreign insurance company are required to submit a copy of their health plan and a Medical Insurance Certificate Form to the Globex office on the day of enrollment. Please note that your Medical Insurance Certificate must be written in either English or Chinese language.


Medical Services

Beijing Emergency Center Phone Number: 120 

The Peking University Campus Hospital and the Peking University Third Hospital are equipped with sufficient medical facilities that are accessible to our students. If you feel ill, please bring your ID and your Student ID Card to these hospitals to register and arrange for medical appointments. Students may also visit the neighboring hospitals near PKU, such as the Haidian Hospital at Haidian Huangzhuang. Other main hospitals in Beijing include: Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Beijing Tongren Hospital, etc.

Since all Globex International Students have to be medically insured, it is important for you to make sure that your health plan provides coverage for all hospital medical treatments. It serves to be helpful that you inquire from your insurance company regarding the specifics of your insurance plan and its validity in Beijing.


Hospital Address and Contact Number:  

Peking University Campus Hospital:

Address: Peking Univ. Campus

Emergency Phone Number: 62751919


Peking University Third Hospital:

Address: 49 HuaYuan North Rd., Hai Dian District

Emergency Phone Number: 82266699


Peking Union Medical College Hospital (West):

Address: No.41 Damucang Hutong, Xicheng District

Emergency Phone Number: 69155821


China-Japan Friendship Hospital 

Address: 2 Yinghua Dongjie, Hepingli Beijing

Emergency Phone Number: 64222952 or or 84205121


Beijing Tongren Hospital:

Address: 8 Chong Wen Men Nei Rd., Dongcheng District

Emergency Phone Number: 58266699 


Emergency/Security Services

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers:

Theft: 110

Fire: 119

Medical Emergency: 120

You can dial all the above emergency contact numbers from any telephones for free

Beijing is a relatively safe city and Peking University is a secure and well-guarded campus.

Nevertheless, students are encouraged to take some safety precautions. It is not advisable for students to carry large sums of money with them at any time. When students are off campus, their Student ID Card and passport should be sufficient enough to identify their status or to verify their identity.