PKU Globex 2023 is back to campus and online application is open

Dear students,

The 2023 Globex Julmester program at Peking University will take place on campus! No remote meeting technology can replace the personal exchange between lecturers and learners, and between students themselves. That has become well and truly clear to us in the last three years of the pandemic. The 2023 Globex class time will be from July 3 to 21, 2023. Besides the class, we will also arrange various field trips and on-campus activities to enrich your learning experiences in China. Please check the corresponding web pages for the latest information.

Important Dates:
Online applications open: January 15, 2023
Deadline for online application: April 15, 2023
Deadline for tuition payment: April 30, 2023

Look forward to seeing you on PKU campus this July!

Globex Office
College of Engineering
Peking University
January 15, 2023


Welcome to Globex Julmester program!

The Globex at the College of Engineering, Peking University is a professional mobility program with a worldwide exchange of students from all disciplines of study. To enhance students' global and professional experience, Globex offers courses that focus on: 1) engineering & science, 2) innovation & entrepreneurship, and 3) China economy & culture. Engineering and science generate new knowledge and skills for society to advance and prosper. To convert into useful products, the acquired knowledge and skills need to be commercialized through innovation and entrepreneurship. Societies everywhere are being profoundly impacted by China, as it grows to become the world’s largest economy. Globex offers students an opportunity to study China and its culture from engineering perspective. Globex students can select 1 or 2 courses (3-6 credits) from the various themes.

2023 Globex Courses