China Economy: Growth and Global Connections (3 Credits)

Professor Susan MAYS, University of Texas Austin, USA

China Economy: Growth and Global Connections (3 Credits)
中国经济: 增长与全球联系
Class: 1-4 PM, M-F, July 2–20, 2018
This course addresses economic development in China, in global context. The course examines trends in trade, foreign investment, ownership (i.e., public vs. private), finance, the workforce, and consumption, as well as key business sectors. The class also considers challenges and opportunities in China in the areas of environment, energy, education, and healthcare. Taught by an economic historian, the course considers China’s unique history, culture, and business context, as well as global partnerships and influences. The reading and course materials are by scholars, leaders in business, economics and policy, as well as journalists.
Suitable for all students (all majors and all levels)