The Big History of Our Planet: A Scientific Journey Over 14 Billion Years of Evolution (3 Credits)

Professor William M.Y. CHEUNG & Professor Chi-wang CHAN, Faculty of Science, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

The Big History of Our Planet:A Scientific Journey Over 14 Billion Years of Evolution (3 Credits)
Class: 1-4 PM, M-F, July 2–20, 2018
History should not be confined to describe human activities only. To understand the origin of many of the features around us, it is actually necessary for us to trace all the way back to the beginning of our universe so as to find a more satisfying answer. In this course we will survey the "Big History" and go through the milestones of the past of our world: the beginning of our universe, the formation of our Earth, the evolution of humans, the development into modern society via practicing agriculture and industrialization, etc. This course will naturally touch upon different academic disciplines, and investigate what are the favorite conditions that urged our world to keep on increasing its complexity. In the end this allows us to reflect upon how humans fit in our world. This course is equivalent to SCNC1113 offered at the University of Hong Kong.
Suitable for all students (all majors and all levels)