Drug and Gene Delivery in Biomedicine (3 Credits)

Professor Jeoung Soo LEE, Dept of Bioengineering, Clemson University

Drug and Gene Delivery in Biomedicine (3 Credits)
Class: 1-4 PM, M-F, July 2–20, 2018
This course will introduce drug design, development, and delivery in the context of creating biomaterial-based delivery systems and applying pharmaceutical therapies in regenerative medicine. An interdisciplinary mix of ideas will be introduced that emphasizes the intersection of engineering and chemistry/biochemistry applied to pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals including DNA, RNA, peptides and proteins. The course will cover the relationship between drug physicochemical properties and fate in our body such as absorption, metabolism, distribution and elimination (ADME) and the mechanism of drug action. Methods will be described to improve the therapeutic efficacy and reduce the toxicity of drugs for the efficient treatment of diseases and regeneration of tissue/organs. The course will also provide students with an understanding of the principles, strategies, and biomaterials used in drug delivery systems, gene therapy, RNA interference (RNAi) and tissue engineering.
Suitable for Year 3 &4 & Graduate Students