Digital China: Technology, Media, and Culture (3 Credits)

Professor Wenhong CHEN Department of Radio-TV-Film Department of Sociology, The University of Texas at Austin

Digital China: Technology, Media, and Culture (3 Credits)
Class: 8-11 AM, M-F, July 2–20, 2018
Drawing on media studies, management, and sociology, this course surveys social, political, and economic forces that shape and are shaped by digital media production, distribution, and monetization in China. Highlighting an interdisciplinary, global, and network perspective, attention is paid to disruptive innovations such as social and mobile media, VR, AI, and big data. Cases in legacy and new media industries will be analyzed. The course informs and prepares students for careers within and related to media and tech industries in the private and public sectors. It aims to facilitate students grow as capable, responsible global citizens via a better understanding of digital media from a comparative perspective. It is designed to equip students with a repertoire of skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, project design, and data analysis for concrete learning outcomes.
Suitable for all students (all majors and all levels)