Compliant Robotics: Humanoids to Soft Robots (3 Credits)

Professor Hongbin LIU, King’s College London, UK

Compliant Robotics: Humanoids to Soft Robots (3 Credits)
Class: 8-11 AM, M-F, July 2–20, 2018
Traditional industrial robots have been designed to be as rigid as possible to ensure good motion precision; however, because of the massive rigidity, it can make them dangerous when operating in close proximity with humans. Further, as robots expand their domain into healthcare and home service, the issues of safety, adaptability and energy efficiency become a primary concern. To address these challenges, scientists are developing a new generation of compliant robots that are flexible and used soft materials in their construction. The course aims to provide students with an essential knowledge for compliant robotic modeling, perception, interactive control and path planning. The topics covered include compliant robotic systems such as robot hands with compliant fingers and soft fingertips, flexible snake robot and soft octopus robot. It involves a hands-on coding exercise to facilitate the implementation of algorithms for solving real-world problems.
Suitable for Year 3 &4 & graduate students