Globex FAQ


Can I transfer my credits from Peking University (PKU) into my own university? 

You need to contact your school to determine eligible courses to transfer. 

You can get PKU official transcripts after finishing the whole class. The transcripts will be couriered to your school directly around early October. 


When is the deadline to change my course selection? How to do it?

July 3rd 11:59PM (1st day of class) is the deadline to change your course selection. You have to do the change at Globex website. No change will be accepted after the deadline.



If you have to withdraw from Globex Julmester program due to your personal reasons, please contact Globex office at to cancel your registration.

The registration fee of CNY300 is non-refundable to avoid frivolous registration. Tuition/administration fee is 80% refundable before June 1st and 50% refundable between June 1st and July 3rd. No refund after July 3rd.



Do I need to independently apply for a Chinese student visa or is that completed as part of my Globex application? 

You will need to apply for the X2 visa and we will send you the official documents to support your application sometime in early May after we have completed processing your Globex application. After you get your visa documents, you can proceed to apply for your X2 visa with the Chinese Embassy in your country. 



What is the check-in procedure?

You MUST submit your hotel booking info through the Globex website if you want the Globex office helps you book the hotel. You can use your ID to check in directly when you arrive in Beijing.

You can use your credit card to pay for your rooms. Payment will be in RMB. The hotel will charge you some money for the room card deposit when you check in.


Can I choose to live somewhere else?

You are allowed to choose where to live if you are Chinese. For safety reasons, you need to inform the Globex office ( your address in Beijing. In addition, Globex office will not take any responsibilities regarding your hotel issue if you choose to stay at other hotels (Globex official hotels are showed on the Globex website).
If you are not Chinese and want to rent a room during your stay in Beijing, you have to register for the record at the local police station in 24 hours from your arrival.



You will get your PKU student ID card after you finish your enrollment at PKU. It confirms your status as a PKU student. It also functions as your meal card and pre-paid card to upload your monthly internet usage fee.

The password of your student ID card (for meals) is the Last Six Digital No. of your Passport/Home Return Permit No. /ID No. 

The original password of your student online account (including Wi-Fi) is your Birthday -- Eight Digital 

No. eg.19900903

If you lost your student ID, please get a new one at the Xintaiyang Student Center during the office hour. 



You can use your PKU student ID card to open your campus Wi-Fi account at the Computer Center and visit to log in your campus Wi-Fi access.


Are there any facilities on campus for students with physical disabilities?

The 2nd, 3rd and Science Classroom Building, as well as the university’s library are equipped with elevators. Along with that, many of PKU classrooms and conference halls have wheelchair ramps that cater to the convenience for the physically disabled.


Are there any gymnasiums on campus?

The gymnasiums on campus are:

-Qiudeba Gymnasium

-No.1 Stadium (for soccer, baseball…etc.)

-No.2 Gymnasium (for basketball and tennis…) located at the basement of the Science Building

-Wu Si Stadium (for badminton, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and field, and swimming)

Students may be required to pay a usage fee to gain access to these facilities.


On-campus miscellaneous facilities

Students may dine at the Nong Yuan cafeteria, Campus cafeteria or at other cafeterias and restaurants on campus. Convenient stores such as Wu-Mei Mini Mart, Boshi Convenient Store and Family Mart can be found on campus where students may purchase their daily necessities as well as groceries. Other facilities that are available in PKU include: hospitals, post office, banks, bookstores, laundry mat, photo development shop and a theater.